18 Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Hairstyles


#7: Ash Blonde Waves

Love the graduated color of balayage blonde hair but want something a little more out-of-the-ordinary? Have a look at this ash blonde color that takes after the current grey hair trend. Ash-blonde seems almost grey/blue in some light, bringing a more stunning, unusual appearance to the trendy color.

platinum blonde balayage

#8: Sleek and Gorgeous Medium Hair

Really like the look of blonde but not too thrilled about the care? Chances are, balayage is perfect for you. In a way, it is the poor guy’s blonde — the roots are already significantly darkened so you do not have to worry about regrowth as frequently, thus conserving your additional expense. A darker top and lighter bottom will include glow and sheen to your hair which will make you feel gorgeous.

medium hair with balayage highlights and dark roots

#9: Light Brown Balayage Ombre Hair

If you adore the look of balayage blonde hair but need something a bit fancier, consider pairing it with some long, loose spiral curls. You can get this look with a medium barrel curling iron and some holding spray. Not only will it show off the colors of blond and lovely layers, but it will also bring more body to flat and lifeless hair.

brown hair with caramel blonde balayage highlights

#10: Blonde Bob with Lavender Streaks

A fantastic example of ways to use bright colors in a subtle manner. If you are worried about committing to the look, this is the very best time to use hair cut or temporary dye to get a fast yet fun shade.

blonde hair with lavender ombre highlights

#11: Blonde Locks with Lowlights

Whenever some balayage styles involve many shades of blonde and a stunning final look, this isn’t always the case. In this style, the shift in colors is quite subtle. If you love light blond hair but do not want to go totally overboard, this is an illustration of hair that lightens up while still looking natural.

long blonde hair with balayage highlights

#12: Platinum Balayage Ombre

Platinum blonde finishes give an instant cool-girl vibe to layered haircuts, particularly when contrasted against heavy brownish roots. Piecey light brown highlights during help to attractively blend both radically different colours together.

Blonde Balayage For Long Layered Hair

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