18 Low-Maintenance Layered Haircuts with Bangs


Long Layered Wavy Haircut with Chopped Bangs

If you have got a heart-shaped confront, play up your normal adorable variable and cut bangs right across. A more exact cut in the fringe will comparison wavy and long layers in a refreshing way.

Long Layered Haircut With Cropped Bangs

Instagram / @scixxorhands

Messy Auburn Layered Cut for Thick Hair

Layered bangs would be an ideal fringe for complete and stunning layered locks. Long bangs work good with all the weight and duration of thicker, layered hair.

Messy Auburn Hairstyle For Long Hair

Instagram / @richardatkuthaus

Long Blonde Layered Haircut

Add immediate dimension to more face shape with curved layers which sweep away from the face. This style is perfect if you are craving to attempt one of the stylish layered haircuts with bangs without needing to pay your forehead.

Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @anthonyholguin

Long Layered A-Silhouette Cut

Who says that bangs and layers need to be dull? Stone a flattering A-silhouette to give hair movement and divide a more face form.

Long Asian Cut With Feathered Layers

Instagram / @ruthtedmorihair

Long Layered Brown Ombre Hair With Arched Bangs

For girls who do not like to devote a good deal of money or time in their locks, among the best cut and color combos is Long more layers. Even though you might want to cut back your toenails monthly, you will have the ability to allow the rest of your hair grow out for as long as you while still appearing cool.

Long Brown Ombre Hair With Arched Bangs

Instagram / @anhcotran

Long Brown Shag with Bangs

Shaggy layers are perfect if your hair is not pin directly and you would rather wear your locks at a more’natural’ appearance. This really is a great casual method to stone effortless and beautiful bangs without much fuss.

Choppy Cut For Long Hair

Instagram / @cleencuts


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