In the winter, having a fireplace is a little slice of heaven. When the sun sets behind the horizon, it invites you to grab a cozy throw, a book and a mug of something warm. The only problem with having a fireplace is that it can take over your room’s design. That is, if you let it. Fortunately, modern and minimalist fireplaces are delivering design-savvy homeowners and renters an alternative to the stodgy hearths of yesteryear.

If you’re looking for a fireplace that will meld with your design vision, rest easy. There are a wide range of indoor varieties. You might want something larger-than-life that completely defines your living space. Or you might want something that will play nicely with the other elements in the room. If the latter speaks to you, read on. We’ve lined up 20 gorgeous minimalist fireplaces that will keep you warm all winter long.

White minimalist fireplaces

When you have an intriguing, textured element in the room, your fireplace can take a comfortable back seat. Image: Folds Inside Ltd

Setting your minimalist fireplace on the floor gives you maximal ambiance will freeing up more wall space for art. Image: Shinberg Levinas Architectural Design

This room blends a lightly textured rug, floating glass coffee tables and the streamlined fireplace to create a decidedly airy feel. Image: Michael Downes – UA Creative

In an all-white living space, a simple, architectural mantel is all you need. Image: Designer Premier

Unobstructed sides are a major trend in minimalist fireplaces – and for good reason. They help the design feel light and give you better access to your cozy fire. Image: The Interiors Project

Interesting architectural details – like this art cutout – help root minimalist fireplaces in the space even while leaving room for other elements to play. Image: Clark | Richardson Architects

The shape of the fireplace mirrors the shape of the high-impact table behind the couch, drawing the eye to it without detracting from its intricate detailing. Image: NICOLEHOLLIS

Dark minimalist fireplaces

minimalist fireplaces 5

Adding a fireplace to an accent wall doesn’t have to mean losing the impact of the accent. Image: Stephenson Design Collective

minimalist fireplaces 2

The soft glow of this streamlined fireplace design also highlights the warm tones in the stone wall. Image: SKG Designs

minimalist fireplaces 22

Minimalist fireplaces let the view shine. And with a view like this, why would you choose anything else? Image: Bacic Group

minimalist fireplaces 21

When you have an architectural element meant to draw the eye up, keeping the fireplace minimal ensures it doesn’t get weighed down. Image: Lango Works

Glass-enclosed minimalist fireplaces

minimalist fireplaces 15

A simple glass cutout helps this fireplace shine even in the midst of so many other visually interesting elements. Image: Pixers

minimalist fireplaces 23

Glass on either side of the fireplace connects the living and dining spaces. Image: JAWS

minimalist fireplaces 25

A glass-encased fireplace inset in a heavy, dark wall gives this dining room a cozy but elevated feel. Image: Swiss Milk Studio

minimalist fireplaces 14

This minimalist fireplace serves as a way to connect the living area to the space beyond – even through a towering wall of concrete and wood. Image: Rustic Fire Place

Minimalist fireplaces in the bedroom

minimalist fireplaces 16

A fireplace nestled among your dresser drawers adds warmth without limiting your storage options. Image: Krista + Home

minimalist fireplaces 8

If you like a streamlined aesthetic in the bedroom so your mind can drift off to sleep undistracted, minimalist fireplaces are for you. Image: Tierney Conner Architecture

minimalist fireplaces 11

Alternately, minimalist fireplaces also work well in darker, more moody spaces where you don’t want to disrupt the feel with too much light or warmth. Image: Ownby Design

Traditional fireplaces often feel masculine, but this simple and bright alternative helps the room establish its feminine air. Image: The Cross Decor & Design


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