22 Gorgeous Silver And Grey Hair Highlights 2020


12. Dark Brown Hair With Silver Balayage

White hair with silver highlights which possess a purple tint suits brunettes and Asian women in particular. Start highlights subtly several inches from the origins of the hair for nominal upkeep plus an uncomplicated result.

Dark Brown Hair With Silver Balayage

Instagram / @beauty_supreme

13. Angled Silver Lob

Why be subtle when you’re able to go whole silver? A gray silver lob creates a statement and can be a braver alternative for risk takers and style killers. For more measurement, add highlights which are white.

Choppy Gray Balayage Bob

Instagram / @bescene

14. Brown Hair with Silver Babylights

Babylights, a cousin of highlights and balayage, are lean hand painted streaks of colour. This technique on brownish hair accomplishes natural appearing dimension attractive for people who dye their own hair for the first time or people who don’t need to fuss with colour upkeep.

Brown Hair With Subtle Silver Highlights

Instagram / @venalove

15. Grey Silver Balayage

Balayage has numerous advantages, it is no wonder girls everywhere are participating in the fashion. Grey dye fades relatively fast; if you do not need to dedicate to origin maintenance, a balayage with silver highlights concentrated towards the ends is the thing to do.

Choppy Brown And Gray Balayage Lob

16. Brown And Silver Balayage Hair

Thick streaks which are several degrees over your foundation colour give a bold contrast. Multi-tones such as these provide a 3D effect and will bring a fuller look to thin hair which lacks quantity.

Brown And Silver Balayage Hair


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