26 Gorgeous Long Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts


A lob is merely the correct cut, if you are following a medium length hairstyle which reveals some severe flexibility. Do not be scared of the hairstyle change — it’ll seem super amazing on any kind of hair, regardless of what your hard angles might be.

Let us Do the Lob

Have a look at the next lob hairstyles and have motivation to eliminate several inches.

Medium Layered Brunette Balayage Hair

Medium Layered Brunette Balayage Hair

A choppy lob offers texture and exciting motion. This wash and proceed cut may be styled with sexy pliers, a large barrel curling iron, and texturizing spray to get waves which reside on for days.

Whether you are growing out a brief hairstyle or shedding several inches to the sake of change, a lob is a happy medium which may offer endless styling options and reach everybody’s ultimate hair target — a number of appearances.

Read about this stylish hairstyle and you will see why a lob gets the cut for people looking for a change without sacrificing their mane.

What’s a Lob Bob?

Recall bobs? Bobs were in the height of hair style from the 20s. Inspired by free-spirited flappers and girls who have been embracing their liberty, their freedom to voteplay sports and find a task — the bob hairstyle characterized women’s involvement in the feminist movement. It was a fresh fashion that became the signature appearance of the age!

While this conventional cut hasn’t ceased to be hot, alter necessarily comes to all.

A lob is a favorite hairstyle which basically means a very long bob hair cut. Ideal for several hair textures and types, this classic appearance can flatter an assortment of face shapes and also be dressed up or worn lightly, based on the event.

There are several distinct styles of a lob to suit everybody’s tastes! By way of instance, A-line bob (long before, short in rear ), inverted, graduated or fold bob (like a A-line except with piled layers at the rear ), asymmetrical (one side at front is more compared to other) or a dramatic blunt bob (straight cut).

Benefits of Lob Haircut

There are various benefits of choosing a lob necklace, however before you sign up to the nearest salon to receive a lob cut, then think about if it’s the lob is a fantastic cut for you.

A lob vest is great for mostly everybody. Long layered bob haircuts are simple to treat and flexible. They may be customized to meet your character with side-swept bangs or cute and short choppy bangs — or possibly a little framing round the face. When you are having a bad hair day, you can just tie a lob into a ponytail and your own hair problems will be readily cared for (something you would not be able to do using a pixie bob!) . The choices to put on it up or down are not something which you get using a conventional bob — lob’s span implies you may still rock a beautiful ponytail!

Lobs According to Color And Texture

A wavy lob is like the infamous hairstyle worn by Kelly McGillis from the film Top Gun. Her perfectly end blown more bob reminds us the wavy medium length cut may be sexy as hell – and it may take your breath away!

An elegant and sleek lob style flatters many face shapes and may add immediate glam to your look. Smoothing and anti-frizz products operate great when styling your own hair using a little bit of chic in your mind.

The longer the better. Tresses may get stripped down, and if you would like the illusion of depth — thickening lotions, wider diameter styling tools, and also lots of styling item can alter a lob and make the base of looks with a little a ‘oomph’!

A curled long bob haircut may also weigh down your hair. If you’d like a lively style and you’ve got wavy hair, you need to ask a reliable stylist to bring some equilibrium and flattering height into a own long fur cut with layers in addition to Seek the recommendation of a professional stylist locally who understands your curls can occasionally endure a life of their own! Curly-Q can put on a lob hairdo… It is true!

Lobs are amazing in any feel — directly and glossy or wavy and cluttered. You may use your lobs as a downdo or lift up your locks in a kind of updo or half-up hairstyle so many choices and there is almost always a fast and effortless styling method, based upon your hair type.

2. Shaggy Angled Bob

This very long bob has its edginess in the front bits which are a bit longer than the remainder of the strung strands, roughly two and a half inches. The peekaboo blonde highlights that frame the face and milder endings make this not just trtrendyut amazingly flattering. Keep hair supple and soft with smooth styling lotions.

Shaggy Angled Lob

3. Angled Layered Bob For Straight Hair

When styled right, a graduated lob cut provides an illusion of an increased out bob that occurs to seem so effortlessly stylish. To take the glossy’do to another level, maintain tresses dyed at a solid colour or attempt an extremely subtle balayage.

Angled Layered Bob For Straight Hair

Instagram / @anhcotran

4. Chopped Angled Ombre Lob

Designs with irregular length are so enjoyable to stone. You have the simplicity of short hair, while still using it long enough to tuck on your ears. What is more, you will get an atmosphere of mystery. The ombre impact is done. Not merely are the alterations on stage, but the tone is just perfect.

Chopped Angled Ombre Lob

5. Angled Blonde Bob For Fine Hair

A very long bob haircut can truly flatter women with nice hair. When trimming an A-line design, locks not just look more, but they also appear thicker and fuller! Request adorable extra long bits in the front to attain this whimsical wispy effect.

Steeply Angled Blonde Bob

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

6. Choppy Long Bob With Subtle Balayage

Here is an embodiment of the hottest fashion — a textured lengthier lob using babylights and highlights a couple of tones lighter than the bottom colour. This’do makes your mane feel healthier and refreshing, your complexion look warmer and brighter and you, entire, seem stylish and trendy!

Choppy Long Bob With Subtle Balayage

Instagram / @maeipaint

7. Long Platinum Blonde Bob

Many women prefer layered cuts to uni-length types since they attract more motion and feel. Choppier lob hair looks fashionably piece-y, complementing visionary and alternative wardrobes. To take it a step farther, go to get an icy shade like white or silver.

Platinum Blonde Choppy Lob

Instagram / @mizzchoi


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