30 Best Balayage Hair Color Ideas For 2020


#21: Blonde Balayage with Twisted Waves


These twisted locks are really gorgeous! Cut your hair short with chopped ends and messy layers. Try a straightener method to create twisted parts. Blow drying your hair and then twist your hair in different directions in sections. Remember to leave the ends straight. The blonde balayage enhances the waves.

#22: Light Blonde Balayage


We dare say that whoever saw this gorgeous blend of blonde shades would ask your hairstylist’s phone number. The balayage technique is really amazing. If you are with natural light mane, this hair color is perfect for you. Dark roots plus blonde balayage.

#23: Beige Blended Balayage


One of the advantages of balayage is that we won’t worry about our grown-out dark roots and still look gorgeous. Right? And it is a wonderful gift for your originally normal long waves. What’s more, when your hair grows out, the light brown will blend even more flawlessly.

#24: Subtle Balayage


If you don’t like subtle balayage instead of grandiloquent one, rock this style in the photo. To get this look, you just need to experience the light blonde slightly without experiment with heavy highlights. The naturally wavy locks can surly frame your face shape and give enough of a look update.

#25: Girly Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots


This layered blonde lob can thoroughly show off your girly side. So don’t hesitate to try it! As we said before, dark roots are the trendiest fashion. It is not only chic but also easy to style as your hair grows out. All you have to do is make your big and loose waves sexier and sassier to earn more admiring glances.

#26: Blonde Balayage with Purple Gray


Gray hair is no longer the privilege of aged women. For young girls, gray hair has been a trendy hair color to choose , especially balayage is added. The balayage in the photo starts with a classic blonde and descend into an amazing purple-gray shade that you must rock in life.

#27: Free Balayage


If you are the kind of people who don’t follow the common template, then, you should absolutely try this balayage to enjoy more fun and edgy. It covers purple gray and platinum blonde. You can also add whatever else hair color you love. The key to this gorgeous balayage is to paint it freely instead of following the systematic like routine.

#28: Neutral Brown Balayage


Most balayage colors are from the brown palette. You can also add some reddish tones as well as golden shades into the look to create diversity. If you’d love to try a more neutral solution, you can rock like this. As for the underlayer part, try dark brown. And then from medium brown to light ash hues. At last, add ribbons of brown-blonde across the whole look.

#29: Art of Brown And Blonde Balayage


The art of brown balayage is to blend brown and blonde hair color in a stylish way. As we mentioned above, dark roots are a popular trend. why? The dark roots plus the light ends can make the lock look longer visually by drawing the eye downward. And, this is a perfect way to lengthen a round face shape.

#30: Blonde Balayage with Long Bangs


Unlike sassy short and mesmerizing long hairstyles, medium length haircuts sometimes can be difficult to reach the level of being gorgeous. So it is extraordinarily important to choose an amazing hair color. Balayage is the best way for in-between length hair. Rock some flattering bangs and head-turning hair color. Brown roots with blonde tips will create a sultry look.


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