30+ Ways to Style Brown Medium Hair: Medium Length Hairstyles


I recently cut my hair to a medium/short length, and although I absolutely love styling it with a wand, I quickly realized that I needed more medium length hairstyles as easy go-tos. The problem I had is that a simple search on Pinterest brought me to about 4,000 medium length hairstyles that all looked the same.

I compiled this post to give readers a place to go where they can find 30+ easy but distinct medium length hairstyles that require few products. I’ve also included simple instructions about how to get started once you find one you want to try.

For most of these hairstyles, you’ll need a few basic products. The most important is a good texturizing spray. Almost all of these looks call for a piecey, touseled look that’s hard to accomplish without texturizing spray. Here’s a full list of what you could possibly need to accomplish these looks:

  • Texturizing spray
  • 5-in-1 wand set
  • 1.5″ curling iron
  • Teasing brush

Check out the hairstyles you want to accomplish before purchasing anything, since you may only need a few of these products or might instead need a bow or hair scarf. You most likely will need a wand, since they work different than a curling iron (a wand gets much hotter and is only held to the hair for half the time) but they’re super cheap on Amazon for decent quality.

I’ve started out with fully down hairstyles, added half-up hairstyles in the middle of the post, and finished off with fully up hairstyles (messy buns, ponytails, etc.). If you’re looking for a specific style, feel free to scroll down to the specific section, otherwise check each area out for inspiration!

Fully Down Medium Length Hairstyles

1. Wand Curled

This is a classic, easy hairstyle using a wand. I recommend a larger wand (1″ or above) and some texturizing spray.

This is a great hairstyle because it’s very trendy yet subtle. This is the style I tend to go for most days! The one drawback is that the wand is pretty damaging on your hair.

2. Tousled & Curled

This look could be done with either a wand or smaller curling iron (depending on what you like better), but the trick is to curl each piece in a different direction but curl the front pieces away from your face.

You’ll also want to make sure the curls start higher up on your head but don’t curl all the way to the bottom of the strand.

3. Chunky and Messy

For this hairstyle, you can really loosely curl your hair with a wand, all in the same direction, and brush it through so it clumps together. You’ll want a lot of texturizing spray and potentially some dry shampoo to get a big body.

4. A Side Part

This is another tousled look that’s easy to pull off with the side part. You can blow dry the front of your hair up (literally straight up) and spray it with some dry shampoo to get that volume in the front, then loosely curl the rest of your locks with a larger wand.

The great thing about this look is that it can’t really fall out during the day, so it’s perfect for a longer event.

5. Straight With Bangs

Obviously you have to have bangs for this look to work, but I personally love how well bangs go with straight hair. I do recommend using some Moroccan oil to make your hair shine like this and finding a good straightener that will make it flat enough. A good keratin treatment will also help you achieve these results.


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