30+ Ways to Style Brown Medium Hair: Medium Length Hairstyles


6. High Messy Bun

medium length hairstyles

This high bun calls for thicker hair. If you don’t have enough natural hair, you can buy a super cheap bun extension on Amazon to achieve this look.

7. Low Ponytail With Loose Front Pieces

medium length hairstyles

This low ponytail calls for some teasing, a middle part, and a piece of hair to be tied around the ponytail and pinned.

8. Super Messy Low Knot

medium length hairstyles

This has to be the easiest hairstyle on here. You can tie the hair back using an elastic and leave pieces hanging on the front.

9. Rolled Under Low Messy Bun

medium length hairstyles

This is a messy knot in the back that is pinned under. It’s a little more conservative, so it’s great for workdays, but is still super cute and trendy.


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