37 Cool Pastel Hair Colors in Every Shade of Rainbow


Pastel hair colors are a FUN way to change up your look – in spring to match the flowers, in summer to match your swimsuit, in fall to match the leaves, and in winter to complement your favorite winter coat! Want to know how to get pastel hair? You have tons of options, and here are twenty of our favorite ones right here!

Pastel Hair Colors

Fashion trends always reoccur with slight updates to make things look fresh. We have actively worn pastel colors in clothes, and now pastels have come to graze our locks. The best thing about any trend is a possibility to personalize it according to your taste. You may keep your natural hair color and get some complementing pastel highlights or go for funky pastel rainbow hair. There are numerous pastel-inspired hair color ideas below!

#1: Lilac Bob with Peek-A-Boo Highlights

Blonde hair is a great canvas for all hair colors, especially pastels. This bob has purples and blues peeking out from under the silvery over layer. Match with darker colors in your outfit to bring out the subtle shades, and count on impressing all your friends!

platinum bob with pastel highlights


#2: Pastel Grapefruit Waves

This pale orange, which reminds us of sherbert, is a fun way to liven up darker blonde hair. Pastel hair is so much fun, and these almost yummy looking curls bring to mind warm summer afternoons outside with a sweet treat! Wear with brighter colors, and be a shining star!

pastel strawberry blonde hair color


#3: Just a Peek of Pastel Pink

Following the latest trend, there are usually less permanent iterations, including the more subtle one color streak on one side, a sort of racing stripes. Chunky, light pink highlightsstand out against pale platinum hair so well!

blonde hair with pastel pink stripe

Instagram/ @LYSSEON

#4: Mermaid Hair with Purple Balayage

This style for long hair has a great purple accent, creating a glow around the base of the curls. Brown hair helps the purple to really pop when shown off. This elegant look can be worn with a flowing gown to conjure up images of a mermaid swimming in the ocean.

brown to lavender ombre for long hair


#5: Textured Pastel Pink Hair

Pink hair is not everyone’s dream color, but we love this all over pink hair dye! Lighter natural colors work better with this shade, but if your colorist truly has skills, no matter what base color, you will get your results!

pastel pink layered hairstyle


#6: Lavender and Pink Curly Hair

A feminine swirl of pink and purple hair will make you feel like a princess every day. The lighter shades of rose and lavender flow together seamlessly. Show off the slight variation in color with large loose curls.

Long Lavender Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @HUGOSALON

#7: Metallic Toned Bob

Pastel hair doesn’t always mean bright colors. For a moody and ultra chic look, go with a mix of silver and copper. Warm and cool toned metallics can be blended, so don’t be afraid to be creative.

Long Choppy Bob With Silver Balayage


#8: Pastel Rainbow Hair

You could make Rainbow Bright jealous with such a fabulous array of colors. Notice how the pink generously saturates the roots and gradually fades into lighter shades towards the tips, allowing the additional colors to fall in seamlessly.

Pastel Pink Hair With Rainbow Highlights


#9: Pastel Colored Undercut

To incorporate some pastels while keeping your look edgy, try adding thick chunky highlights on top of your base color. Go with a cut that allows a variety in your styling, such as this undercut with a shave on one side. The colors look great when combed over in a layered look.

Short Undercut Hairstyle For Pastel Hair

Instagram / @NEALMHAIR

#10: Purple Ombre Hair Color

Want purple pastel hair, but can’t decide on the shade? Ombre may be your solution! Use a dark plum color for the roots and gradually work your way through the lighter hues to a pale lilac on the very ends.

Pastel Purple Ombre Hair

Instagram / @GLAMIRIS

#11: Transitional Hair Color with Pink and Green

Pink and mint green are two colors that were made for each other. The hues in your hair are no exception. Being the opposites on the color wheel, these two pastel shades flow gorgeously together when placed side by side.

Light Pastel Pink To Teal Ombre Hair


#12: Pink and Purple Pixie Cut

Pixies have an edge all by themselves. However, if you really want to crank up the wow factor, go with a pastel color combo such as pink and purple. The shades intertwine beautifully.

Choppy Pastel Purple Pixie


#13: Pastel Colored Hair with Pops of Yellow

The choices of colors are endless with varying hues and intensities. If you’re looking for short pastel hair options, don’t feel like you have to limit your creativity. Why not go with an assortment and then accent with your favorite color?

Pastel Rainbow Bob


#14: Dark to Light Red Balayage Hair

Red may not be your first thought when you think about pastel hair. It’s a great option if you are an existing redhead as you can add soft sunset pink or orange highlights to really show off a darker shade underneath.

Pastel Copper Red Hair With Root Fade


#15: Blush and Blonde Hair Color

Pastel pink pairs beautifully with uber light blonde hair to create an ethereal look. The pink makes a statement without being overpowering. You can achieve the glam style you’re going for, but in a more subtle way.

Light Pastel Pink Balayage Hair

Instagram / @BESCENE

#16: Cool Toned Silver and Blue Hair

If you’re a fan of cooler toned pastel hair colors, you may consider a blonde, silver, or even white base shade with chunky light blue accents. Go with a long layered bob cut and focus the color towards the front. Add some subtle touches of blue sparsely throughout the layers to tie the style together.

Layered Silver Bob With Pastel Blue Balayage


#17: Fuchsia Hair

Fuchsia is not for the faint of heart, but it’s the ultimate statement hair color! Go full intensity from roots to tips, or taper into some lighter shades towards the ends of the hair. Pair this bold color choice with a straight shoulder-length angled cut for a punk-meets-chic style.

Pastel Pink Ombre Bob


#18: Green and Purple Hair Color

Finding the perfect shade of green is a delicate balancing act. You don’t want to look like you’ve spent too much time in a chlorinated pool. Really work with your stylist to find the proper hue. Pale purple is a great accent color to set off pastel green.

Pastel Teal Bob With Purple Highlights


#19: Pastel Hair Colors with Red Accents

To get the most out of your pastel rainbow hair, add in an extra accent color, such as red, for instance, to really accentuate the varying shades. Longer hair will show off the rainbow effect. Pair the length with a shaved side to vamp up the rock star quality.

Long Pastel Rainbow Hair With Side Undercut


#20: Moody Silver and Blue Hair Color

Feeling the blues? A gradual change from a deep blue to a pastel blue to silver tips creates a gorgeous flow of cool tones. Styled in curls, your hair will look like icy waters.

Pastel Blue And Silver Hair


#21: Ash Blonde Hair with Pastel Highlights

Silver and ash blonde used to be reserved for older ladies. However, adding in a mix of pastel highlights really brings out the beauty of the silver and makes it a more accessible color for a younger crowd.

Pastel Balayage Bob For Thin Hair

Instagram / @HAIRBYELM

#22: Long Hair with Mixed Pastel Colors

The longer your hair, the more room you have to blend unique colors and let them reveal their beauty. This photo shows a mix of cool and warm tones with purple, blue, pink, and pastel green hair. Style your hair in loose curls so that the colors swirl together.

Purple Teal And Pink Balayage Hair

Instagram / @LAMIECRAMER

#23: Pastel Green Hair

Green is yet another great pastel that works well on its own or in conjunction with a silver, brown, or blonde base. Mixing greens such as mint and pistachio will add a trendy twist to your hair. Spend time perfecting some funky styles, like messy pigtails or half up knots, so you have an array of go-to options to cycle through.

Pastel Green Hair With Black Roots


#24: Hair with Warm Shades of Red

When working with red pastel tones, the sky is the limit. To achieve a warm look, combine colors ranging from strawberry blonde to copper to auburn. A wavy finish will show off the variation in the reds.

Red And Pastel Pink Balayage Hair

Instagram / @GLAMIRIS

#25: Mint Hair with Subtle Highlights

While pastels can definitely be used together in some awesome combos, going with a single color set off with very subtle dimensional highlights creates a more elegant style. When selecting your perfect pastel hair color, go with a hue that compliments your skin tone and won’t clash with your favorite wardrobe.

Pastel Teal Lob

Instagram / @SALON202

#26: Pastel Color Wheel of Destiny

Shades of pastel hair mix together just like the color wheel! You can create a simple, yet stunning rainbow from the three primary colors simply by mixing! Start with reds at the top and work your way through ROY-G-BIV to achieve this super fun look.

pastel rainbow hair


#27: Primary Pastel Dreams

When searching for color ideas, look no further than your first art lesson. Red, yellow, and blue are the first three colors we are generally introduced to, and with them, we are able to create an abundance of hues! This look is achieved by dying small sections – one color at a time. Patience is the key!

long silver blonde hair with pastel highlights


#28: Pastel Blood Moon Rising

Pastel goth might seem like an oxymoron, but those nighttime beauties still want to have some fun, too! Red and black turn to pink and gray when you lighten them, and this two toned look is perfect for a fairy tale costume or a wedding!

cherry red pastel hair


#29: Purple and Blue Streaks

Blue is a bold, sometimes daring color, and a background of black hair is a great way to show it off. Streaks of both blue and purple blend to spice up an otherwise visually plain color. Be you…be BLUE…be different!

black hair with pastel blue and purple highlights


#30: Playful Pastel Layers

Medium length hair is so versatile, and layers do look great! These pastel hair colors blend together to create a bright over tone, with muted shades underneath. The elements of almost neon blue over yellow create a sea green that is to dye for!!!

layered teal and lavender pastel hair

Instagram / @PINUPJORDAN

#31: Lilac Pastel Locks

Lilac is a color that was once reserved for your Grandmother’s puff ball, but not anymore! Paired with bangs, this more permanent style change starts with lightening hair, and then adding lilac as a brightening over tone.

light brown hair with lavender ombre


#32: Sunflower Yellow Waves

Pastel hair can also be an understated shade, like this mid-tone yellow. It’s an easy way to say, “Hey, I’m unique…wanna chat?” With this happy, mood-lifting color, people won’t be able to help but smile when they see you.

short layered golden blonde hairstyle


#33: Atlantean Ice Bob

Pastel hair dye can be any shade you dream up, even this cartoon-character-inspired, frosted baby blue. The shaggy shorter style with a side part emphasizes the tender color with the drammatic darkened roots. Letting your hair distinguish yourself is a great way to spread your wings!

pastel blue hair with dark roots


#34: Choppy Green Haircut

Ideas for pastel hair are everywhere, and this minty emerald is no exception! Similar to vibrant greens found in jungle foliage, this shade is excellent for starting a conversation and capturing looks GREEN with envy.

pastel green medium hairstyle


#35: Pastel Lavender Curls

Lavender is a very relaxing color, and it’s clearly the best way to accentulate pale skin. These wide curls evoke images of waterfalls and mystical scenes in misty woods, with shimmery fireflies all around. Fantasyland becomes reality!

wavy pastel purple hairstyle


#36: Birds of a Feather Pastel Rainbow Strands

This pastel rainbow style for medium length hair is one of the most intricate we’ve seen. Block out a good chunk of time for this one, as it will take precision and a creative eye to recreate. Every color of the rainbow is represented, creating a truly mesmerising look.

layered mid-length pastel rainbow hairstyle


#37: Purple Princess Bob

This take on pastel hair can only be classified as FUN! It’s clear that a short, adorable bob crop goes hand-in-hand with this popping grape shade. Modern times call for modern colors, and this will add to your superhero powers! Add your favorite outfit, from casual to formal, and you’ll be ready to WOW them all!

short pastel purple bob




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