Hacks are becoming all the rage, and since East Coast Creative has been hacking since the very beginning of time (or so it seems), I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my favorites!  Here are 5 Awesome Hacks for Your Home.


Hacks are meant to save you time and money, and with this washer and dryer hack using electrical tape, you’ll have a quick laundry makeover that costs less than $5!


Here’s a reminder of where I started off (yeah it’s still embarrassing to share this picture, but it’s real life people!)

Messy Laundry Room

I explored a lot of options for how to dress up my washer and dryer, everything from paint, to vinyl, to paint pens, and I finally landed on electrical tape.  I got the idea from the fabulous sisters from A Beautiful Mess.  I ran to Home Depot and picked up hunter green electrical tape and got to work on my pattern.

Washer Dryer Facelift

I went with double stripes for the dryer and little squares for the washer.  I toyed with the idea of little crosses, but I was being a bit OCD about the exact shape, so instead I kept it simple with rectangles and squares.  I didn’t pre-mark anything, I just kind of went for it.  The electrical tape is really easy to work with and is simple to reposition if you need to.

striped washer dryer

The electrical tape is even renter friendly! It pulls off smoothly and if you have any residue at all GooGone gets rid of it easily.  I also like that if I ever decide to change up the colors in the room, it would be a quick swap out!

washer dryer makeover

Now, I know this project is 100% not necessary for daily life.  If you have a plain washer & dryer your life will be just as fulfilled as mine, but even though it’s pretty much 100% unnecessary, it’s still pretty fun and kind of awesome!  Sometimes I need to do these kind of projects that are purely just to satisfy my creative side.  Do you ever feel like you just HAVE to do something creative or you’ll explode?  My husband SO doesn’t get it when I try and explain that feeling to him, but it’s legit.  If you have the creativity bug, this is a perfect, quick-fix. Craft crates are the perfect alternative to expensive cabinetry!

DIY Laundry Room Ideas


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