57 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut Solutions


#15: Wispy Brunette Shag Hairstyle

The following images demonstrate that wispy shag hairstyles give off major retro vibes from the 70s and 80s. Think Joan Jett and Debbie Harry from Blondie for cut inspiration. Channel your inner rock chick by asking your stylist for wispy layers all-over your head to gain a fierce, eye-catching appearance.

Dark Brown Shag With Bangs

Instagram / @SUZIDO_

#16: Medium Shag with Crown Layers

Consider a crown-layered hairstyle when you want a perfect solution for fine hair that needs an uplifting boost. The strawberry bronde color is a unique way to make your medium shag the talk of the town.

Medium Bronde Shag For Fine Hair


#17: Fun Razored Shag for Straight Hair

Tousled at the top and complimented with arched bangs, you’ll love the face-framing qualities of this perky shaggy hairstyle. Ideal for women with straight jet black hair, the cut has a slightly tomboyish look, but still remains feminine and cute. The razored layers gently graze the collarbone and add to the spiky appearance of the overall hairstyle.

Straight Shag With Arched Bangs

Instagram / @SALSALHAIR

#18: Brunette Wavy Razored Shag

Shag hairstyles never go out of fashion, so you can feel confident when you decide to snip your hair and get one of these tomboyish cuts. The chunky waves and the tousled top look fabulous when the hair is parted in the middle, and the side-swept bangs flow effortlessly into wispy, razored sides.

Medium Shag Hairstyle With Waves


#19: Shoulder-Grazing Flared Blonde Shag

Mid-length shag cuts are funky and distinctive when they graze your shoulders and flare out at the ends. Enhance the appearance of your spiky layers by adding a bit of styling product to naturally tousled locks for an edgy, fashionable look.

Medium Bronde Shag


#20: Choppy Bright Blonde Bob

Slightly boxy, the choppy texture and long bangs of this shaggy blonde bob add a lot of fullness to straight, fine hair. The solid whitish color helps to neutralize the ruddiness of your skin tone, and the long wispy bangs add a feminine touch.

Shaggy Blonde Bob With Long Bangs


#21: Medium Cut with Flipped Ends for Thick Hair

If you’re after a shag cut with a more conventional aesthetic and you have thick hair, opt for flipped ends. Vintage-inspired, this cut utilizes the authentic texture and volume of your tresses. To flip your ends, merely blow dry them with an outwards curve, or use a straightener in the same way.

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle



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