57 Most Universal Modern Shag Haircut Solutions


#43: Medium Sliced Ash Blonde Hairstyle

If you want a celebrity haircut that brings back memories of Heather Locklear, an ash-blonde layered shag can just do the trick. Ideal for women with thick, straight hair, the cut can be parted down the middle or off-center. The slicing technique also helps to tame the volume and keep the hair neat.

Layered Shag For Thick Straight Hair


#44: Silver Shag with Feathered Layers

A silver-blonde shoulder-length shag with feathered ends is a definite throwback to the 1970s when these were popular hairstyles for housewives and women on the go. The tousled choppy crown section tops the longer slim layers that touch the shoulders and add to the overall sense of extra length and volume for women with fine hair.

Silver Feathered Shag For Fine Hair


#45: One-Length Cut with Feathered Layers

The one-length layered bob is a modern shag haircut that looks spectacular because of the random feathery pieces. The razored ends bring out all the natural shine of healthy, thick hair, and the abundance of layers make the style a popular option for women who want a shag style with hassle-free maintenance.

Modern Razored Shag

Instagram / @HAIRCUT.ADAM

#46: Long Layered Chop

For a romantic, windswept hairstyle, you just cannot go wrong with a long cut that features short and medium layers. Movement is everything here — use a styling wand to make simple ringlets at the ends of your layers.

Long Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

Instagram / @LJ.SHARMAN

#47: Textured Shag with Rocky Bangs

The punk rock scene definitely has an impact on the styles of today. It’s no doubt a daring move to opt for super short jagged bangs, but it’s one that will pay off in no time. Remember, when wearing a shag haircut with bangs, the finishing touches are everything.

Medium Shag With Short Bangs

Instagram / @CUTYOURHAIR

#48: Grungy Cut

Free spirits will fall head over heels in love with the grungy haircut. Chopping into mid-length hair and adding some boho flicks is a truly excellent way to try something new. You can even style this cut by hand and create fun waves in seconds.

Medium Wavy Shaggy Haircut For Fine Hair

Instagram / @D_OSALONMARIN

#49: Medium Cut with Razored Face-Framing Layers

The razor cutting technique is amazing for removing weight and developing a wider range of motion. Request that your hairdresser incorporates razoring around your face to frame it and point to your best features. Include a pop of color for a standout style.

White Blonde Hairstyle With Pastel Pink Roots



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