59 Cute Short Pixie Haircuts – Femininity and Practicality


#31: Playful Pixie with Angled Locks

Sami Gayle looks wonderful with her pixie cut. Short hair is a visiting card of the young actress. Her image of a fragile teenage girl is simply adorable! The angled locks create wonderful texture. Besides, the offered variant, you may also style those feathers spiky or brushed backwards with a lift at the roots.

angled pixie haircut

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#32: Evening Style for Pixie Cut

Styling your pixie sassy with lots of texture and definition or slicked back is not a difficult task. While an evening pixie hairstyle often seems like a challenge. Frankie Sandford shows off an awesome style with a side part, cool volume and a shapely face-framing wave. If you want a perfect hairstyle, trust it to a professional.

cool hairstyle for short pixie haircut

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#33: Easy Version of Elegant Pixie Hairstyle

And Kellie Pickler’s hairstyle can be easily re-created at home if you have time and desire. You need to blow dry your locks with a round brush and comb them back with a styling product. It’s better to use wax or pomade.

short pixie haircut styled elegantly

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#34: Short and Sexy

The popular cropped pixie can be worn slicked, swooped or spiked — the possibilities are endless. If volume is what you are after, one of the best ways to get a textured cut is with choppy layers. They create movement and volume within the longer sections of your hairdo.

Short Brunette Layered Pixie


#35: A-Line Pixie Hairstyle with Highlighted Texture

Julianne Hough is a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. The short cut makes her appearance even brighter than it is naturally. The exquisite highlights enhance the texture and add a dimensional effect. All it takes to look ravishing is to make a simple A-line hairstyle with your favorite styling product.

a-line hairstyle for short pixie haircut

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#36: Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

It’s believed that if you have thick hair, any haircut will look good on you. But there is always a risk to end with a monolithic, blocky look. Jennifer Hudson’s thick hair is cut with a razor to alleviate the ends and enhance the texture of her cut.

black short pixie haircut

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#37: Edgy Pixie with Lots of Texture and Highlighted Bangs

If your hair is thin, choose with your stylist a volume-boosting hair color solution with darkened roots and sun-bleached ends. Style your pixie with lots of texture. Mia Wasikowska shares with us a very cute “bedhead” pixie look. We love!

short pixie haircut with ombre

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#38: Very Short Pixie Haircut with a Feathery Texture

The shorter your hair is, the thicker it appears. Layering and texturing of the ends also adds the desired volume. Valorie Curry is rocking the stylish short pixie with an extra edge – cute, stylish, sweet, but not cloying!

extra short pixie haircut

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#39: Super Short Pixie with Darkened Roots

Morena Baccarin has classic facial features and a square face shape that, luckily, lacks very pronounced angles. Such a face looks good with haircuts of any length, and a very short cut is not an exception. If you dare to chop off your locks very short, think of an interesting hair color idea. With short hair you can easily unleash your fantasy!

short pixie haircut for blonde hair

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