Gorgeous Blonde Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Salon Visit


If you are tempted to adopt Californian blond , of course, you are aware of the power of its charm! Timeless hair color, natural blond, coloring and “sun” highlights have many advantages. Resolutely glamorous and ultra trendy lately, the Californian blonde has a particular aura that knows how to charm! Going to Californian blonde is a sure bet for chic and super trendy coloring . One of the most popular shades of blonde will instantly illuminate the hair and sublimate the face.

Californian blond – decryption of the “sun” hue

blonde balayage sunkissed

Californian blonde is an ultra glamorous shade, perfect for giving hair a vacation feel. This luminous shade is characterized by golden reflections which give the mane an ultra-sunny appearance. The “sunlight” effect in the hair gives it sunny highlights worthy of a trip to California. Appreciated by many women, Californian blonde is perfect for lightening dark blonde to light brown bases. The golden reflections created brighten the complexion and give a healthy glow to a woman.

Sun-kissed Blonde Hair

blonde hair sunkissed

If a woman hesitates to go for the total look and adopt the Californian blonde color, she can proceed in small touches by daring the Californian sweep . In the Californian balayage article, we shared with you lots of inspiring examples as well as some helpful tips on maintaining the ultra-trendy partial hair color.

Blonde Hair Golden Highlights

blonde hair golden highlights

A little reminder: Californian sweep / sunlight is a coloring technique to lighten the hair and bring subtlety to the roots. The sun sweep reproduces the “return from vacation” effect in the hair without realizing any real coloring. The main idea is to gently lighten the strands around the edge of the face.

Blonde Bob Hair

blonde bob hair

Very popular in the 90s, today, the Californian blond is back in force to allow each woman to remain faithful to her taste and her passion for the sun shade. Women who are ready to take the plunge and switch to Californian blonde should regularly use nourishing treatments rich in oils as well as products for colored hair. These will help make colored hair softer and shinier, fix the color and preserve its luminosity.

Blonde Balayage Hair Bob

blonde balayage hair bob

Californian blonde is a color suitable for both pale and tanned skin tones. It brings maximum relief and light to the hair, giving them a more natural effect. This coloring benefits from superb versatility which makes it a perfect choice to complete her rock, romantic or casual look. And as you probably already know, blonde and all its shades can highlight any cut and hairstyle.

How to maintain your Californian blonde?

Blonde Ombré Hair Light Brown

blonde ombré hair light brown

Regarding the maintenance of a Californian blond, you should know that the more the shade moves away from the natural color of the hair, the more it will be necessary to maintain the roots. At home, you can apply your coloring product to regrowth every four to six weeks. To protect colored hair from UV rays, sun products such as creams, milks or oils can be applied to the hair. To prevent Californian blond from turning yellow, you must use special anti-yellowing care such as shampoos, masks and leave-in treatments.

Blonde Balayage Hair

blonde balayage hair

Don’t be surprised if your blonde hair color turns green when you are at the pool! A chemical reaction occurs between the colored hair and the chlorine, which sometimes causes the appearance of green tints on the hair. Do not panic ! We give you a little trick: dilute a sachet of aspirin in a glass of water. Apply directly to greenish areas. Aspirin will release green reflections.

Blonde Wavy Bob Haircut

blonde wavy bob haircut

Californian blonde balayage style for a trendy look that smells of summer


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