Gorgeous Blonde Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Salon Visit


Balayage Blonde Hair

balayage blonde hair

Whether you want to change your hair or cover up your first gray hair, Californian blonde is perfect for your situation. You should know that blond is not necessarily prohibited for naturally brown hair, but there are obviously shades that are better suited than others depending on the complexion and color of the eyes. For you, it would be better to change the color gradually. You will have to go through the discoloration. Do not neglect the products and the care adapted to the bleached hair which will help you to nourish your hair and your Californian blonde.

Blonde Balayage Hair

californian blonde balayage hair

The Californian blond has come back in force for a few seasons. Nothing surprising because this partial coloring is dreaming and tempts women all over the world with its natural character that smells of summer. The perfect recipe for adopting gorgeous blonde Californian hair is a few weeks of sun and salt water.

Long Blonde Hair

long blonde hair Blake

But, those who are not lucky enough to enjoy the summer vacation, can still adorn their manes with magnificent sunny reflections. Unmissable hair trend, Californian blond sublimates the hair and enhances the complexion, thanks to the superb sunkiss effect it creates.

Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights

We dare the Californian blond to sublimate your cut and wavy

Blonde Hair Sun-kissed Highlights

blonde hair sunkissed highlights

The charm of the Californian blonde and its superb variations comes from the interesting effect that the hair adopts due to the sun and the salt water which modify the color of the hair. Depending on the structure of the hair and the pigmentation, the hair can be adorned with simple light highlights or turn to Californian blond. To adopt the famous “back from vacation” effect, you have to go through bleaching – a process that helps lighten brown or chestnut hair.

Blonde Balayage Hair

blonde balayage hair trend

Then we could already reproduce the magic of the sun in the hair by relying on the right dye. Obviously, bleaching is only mandatory for dark hair. If, on the contrary, it is dark blonde or light brown hair, the complete discoloration does not occur. A special home wicks kit will suffice to adopt Californian blonde wicks and lighten the hair gently.

Californian blond, also known as surfer blonde, is most often characterized by slightly darker roots and wavy lengths, naturally lightened by salt and the sun. So, to adopt the “surfer” effect and illuminate your hair color, the trick is to sweep. Lightening treatments are an excellent alternative available to blondes by allowing them to have a surfer look without spending a lot of money. The effect of sunny highlights is not too pronounced, it is just right.

Blonde Hair

blonde hair

As for the ideal haircut to wear with her Californian blonde, it’s the lengths and waves that work perfectly to mimic the beachy hair effect. Yes, it is the hair of wavy surfers, touched and golden by the sun’s rays, that make us dream! Logically, it is better to choose a long wavy cut or a layered cut. It will allow Californian blonde balayage to stand out gently. However, sunny blonde is perfect for short haircuts to which it gives a decidedly feminine charm.

Blonde Brown Hair – Blonde Highlights


Wavy Blonde Hair




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