Short Hair with Bangs – 39 Gorgeous Stylish Looks


Bangs are a hair style feature that never seems to fade out or lose its actuality. They transition to go along with new fads, techniques, cuts, and face shapes. You will always see bangs on celebrities and women in the street. You can style them up or down, color them in bright hues and create eye-catching angles to highlight your best facial features. Wanna know how exactly? We will show you some new ideas!

Short Hairstyles with Bangs – Best Ideas

Pairing your bangs with a short hairstyle can be an ideal way to wear your hair. It allows trying many versatile looks and gives you an ability to change up your look at a moment’s notice. Styling bangs offer you the opportunity to get ready for the day quickly, don`t they? You can aptly style the front of your hair in a few minutes pulling the rest into a simple bun or pony tail. Check the examples below to find some great tricks!

#1: Pretty Dark Purple Pixie

layered pixie with highlights in bangs


Long bangs, teased by the color, take a classic pixie cut from demure to dangerous, and they are also a great way to disguise a large forehead if you need to camouflage it. If you also prefer dark colors, but have grown bored of black hair, try a deep purple hue instead. It’s fun and flirty in a mature way.

#2: Choppy Lavender Bob with Undercut

This pastel lavender hue is a lighter counterpart of the purple brown featured above. It may seem too precious for those who prefer an edgier style, which is why an undercut design is added here to introduce some spunk to the candy-coated bob. You won’t have problems with how to style and wear it, because with this cut you have a choice – traditionally down as a bob, tucked behind one ear to show off a part of the undercut, or pulled into a pony to reveal it completely.
short bob with asymmetrical undercut


#3: Red Wavy Bob with Highlights

Many women shy away from short hair with bangs because they may appear juvenile with such hairstyles, especially when it comes to curly hair. The key is to make sure the bangs are of the right length and they blend in with the rest of the hairdo as a seamless look. Instead of working against your natural hair texture, ask your stylist for a layered cut that will enhance it and help your locks appear more lightweight.
short messy wavy bob with bangs


#4: Aquamarine Layered Bob

This bob features choppy layers, precisely trimmed edges and fun blue hair color with highlights. It’s a great option for fine hair because it makes your strands appear fuller in the back for a voluminous bob with a perfect silhouette.
blue layered bob


#5: Rock and Roll Pixie

Long side bangs are an easy way to frame your face and highlight your features when rocking a short cut. They also provide versatility—slick them, part them, spike them—the possibilities to reinvent your style based on your mood are endless.
pixie with long bangs



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