Short Hair with Bangs – 39 Gorgeous Stylish Looks


#11: Embrace the Blues

Any fashion forward person knows that there are a lot of other hues outside of the six main colors we learn in grade school. This is not just any ordinary blue; it is a cute mix of cerulean and periwinkle that will earn you major points with a creative crowd. A bowl cut works well with straight hair because it gives you an option of wearing your strands in your face without worrying about them overwhelming you.
short pastel blue hairstyle


#12: Extra Short Stacked Bob

How to wear bangs with short hair? Brushed on your forehead, swept back or in a peek-a-boo style – depends on the length of your bangs. These extra short bangs do not require any particular styling. Note how perfectly they are balanced by the nape undercut. This is what makes a unique-looking bob. If you are a woman who craves individuality, this is a great option to put your own personal touch on a popular style.
bob with very short bangs and nape undercut


#13: Surprise Ending

Sometimes our work doesn’t allow us to get as creative as we want with our looks. Instead of sticking with a boring haircut, try to find a style that can be worn differently from day to night. This sneaky shaved design in the back can be hidden at your desk, but shown off after dark.
wavy bob with nape undercut


#14: Crazy Crimson Cut

Color is a fun way to elevate any hairdo and show off the intricacies of a fun cut. Red hair looks particularly impactful against pale complexions, as the bold hue provides a striking contrast. It definitely will help you turn heads for a memorable moment.
red choppy haircut


#15: Short Women’s Haircut with a Side Design

The key to a successful short hairstyle with bangs is balance and harmony. You want to make sure you aren’t overpowering your look with too many elements. This style is interesting because depending on how you look at it, it will seem like two completely different hairdos: wild on one side, tame and sleek on the other.
half bob half pixie with design



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