Short Hair with Bangs – 39 Gorgeous Stylish Looks


#26: Deep Side Part

Courtney Palm has fixed her hair in a quick sleek style that will look great with shorts and flip flops as well as with a cocktail dress, like you see here. If you are prone to frizz, throw some serum into your locks before you begin to style this short shiny, clean look.
short asymmetric bob with bangs

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#27: Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

Miley Cyrus has set the trend for short hair in the past few years and really given a name to the super short over the ears look. You can see that her platinum blond locks are “boy cut” and paired with a long side fringe that starts somewhere on the crown. This is a great style for those who love short hair as a way to go from punk rock to classic styles with a few simple styling tricks.
short blonde hair with bangs

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#28: From Choppy to Smooth

At ‘Good Kill’ premiere January Jones gave a shiny smooth look to her short choppy cut to go along with her elegant dress. Blow drying backwards with a large round brush will help you to accomplish this easy yet classy high shine evening look. Style your bangs onto the forehead and fix everything with a pump of hair spray.
short pixie with bangs

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#29: Short Hair with Angled Bangs

Kris Jenner looks pretty dramatic with her angled dark brown pixie and gorgeous red outfit. Do you know many women who can choose a solid hair color and achieve some real depth and fashion in their hairstyles?Kris Jenner is the one. Run some pomade through your hair pieces defining the ends. This is a style that is short, sweet and to the point.
short dark hair with bangs

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#30: Creating Depth with Color

Keri Hilson has most of her hair highlighted with little dark downlights underneath to create the depth throughout her bang line. This is a great way to show off a choppy texture in your hair with the use of very little product. If you have heavy hair that tends to lay flat and look blocky, don’t skip over this style.
short black hair with bangs

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