Short Hair with Bangs – 39 Gorgeous Stylish Looks


#31: Short Thick Hair with Bangs

Elizabeth Vargas has thick hair and she loves to keep it short. If you decide to go with a cut like this, make sure you keep the sides long enough to tuck behind your ears. When styling,use a round brush to add a lift at the roots and achieve the lovely tapered silhouette.
Short A-line hairstyle with bangs

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#32: Light Curls for Short Hair

Kathleen Rose Perkins went for a sweet short style with a messy touch. To achieve the look you need to pull your part far from one side,providing a nice volume on one side to add in some waves and height. Adding in highlights and downlights enhances the dimension and accentuates the layers of your haircut.
cute short hairstyle with bangs

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#33: Short Hair with Soft Diagonal Bangs

Charlize Theron opts to pull most of the hair on her crown forward creating the illusion of a heavy bang that is sprinkled with light wispy pieces. This is a great style for someone who has a large forehead. You can easily create the texture by blow drying your hair forward. For added volume try blow drying with your head upside down.
short feathered haircut with bangs

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#34: Quick Classy Knot

Rita Ora rocks a fun style for anyone with straight bangs. This is a great example of a cool hairstyle you can make whenever you are short of time but willing to look stylish and creative. Twist your hair into a tight top knot and straiten the bangs across the forehead. Give this easy style for girls on the go a try!
knot updo with bangs

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#35: Sleek StraightShort Hair with Bangs

Juliette Binoche is wearing a straight bang across her forehead with super sleek straight sides. This is a style that has been around for ages and we will continue seeing it in the future. The look is easily achieved with a flat iron on the base of a perfectly cut blunt bob.
short blunt bob with bangs

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